The principle of material cutting is in abrasion of the material by a high pressure water jet. The process is basically similar to water erosion, only much faster and concentrated in one place. 

The cutting usually takes place on CNC-controlled working tables. Water jet pressure ranges between 2,000 and 6,200 Bar. Special high-pressure pumps varying in the power consumption and water flow are the main pressure source. The cutting water jet is created in a cutting head which with a nozzle. For cutting soft materials, pure water jet is used, whereas for harder materials, abrasive jet is needed. Natural olivine or natural garnet are the most suitable abrasive material – the choice depends on the hardness of the material to be cut.

Cutting head movement and cutting trajectory is computer controlled, basing on a pre-programmed sequence. It is then possible to perform even the most complicated cuts in one operation. 


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